Sonia Ortega, Héctor Artal and Clàudia Fonte
are the members of this dance company.


Getting inspiration from Jazz musicians playing and relating to each other on stage, we create our own formations while dancing. To achieve the dynamics in our pieces, as Jazz Messengers we are continuously developing a natural flow from one step to the next one. We further enhance this through training on the synchronization of rhythmical movement. As individuals, each member brings their own essence to the dance, but together we work as one, both in class and on stage.

Solo, duo, trio.
3 people, 1 unit.


We explore, develop and share what we do in different ways, either at the studio or travelling together around!


Inspired by the name of the first album from the legendary musician
Art Blakey and
The Jazz Messengers,
we developed 5 different pieces.
This is its single:


We like to combine the formations of solo, duo and trio in the same room. Mixing dancers with different levels of dancing experience, we 3 work to create a working but fun environment!


The moment when we put things we are working on, in a specific routine. Since musicians are our main inspiration, this is key for us: sharing the stage with them while doing what we love the most.

Jazz washes away the dust of every day life.

Art Blakey

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